Hydrogen generators


Capacities from 50 NL/h to 4 Nm³/h with up to 99,95% purity.
HYSYS Alkaline Electrolyser

Process Description

HYSYS technology is based on a solid polymeric anion exchange membrane to produce pure hydrogen and oxygen.
HYSYS can produce up to 4.000 Nl/h (66,6 Nl/min) of gaseous hydrogen and 2.000 Nl/h (33,3 Nl/min) of oxygen, from a 3% in weight water solution of potassium hydroxide. Water tank can be filled when PE-HYSYS is on function.
Gases are delivered separately.
Oxygen is vented through water return pipeline and hydrogen from its hose.
HYSYS can resist up to 20 bar (286 psi) of internal pressure avoiding the need of a gas compressor for gas storage at this nominal pressure.
The minimum hydrogen purity is 99,95% without any dryer or purifier cartridge.
Better performance can be achieved using a water dryer.
For lab applications, purification item can be installed to achieve final oxygen level < 1 ppm and dew point <-70°C HYSYS is Certified in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 93/27/EC - Atex IIG